Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll


MSD Accountants offers specialist, sector-based expertise for the preparation of client accounts, ensuring the production of accurate financial statements that provide a complete picture of business operations and help inform business decision making. Our outsourced accounts services can be tailored to suit the needs of our clients’ businesses and relieves the burden of accounts preparation from inhouse teams. Our team will also draw insight from accounts and provide advice on areas that could use improvement.

To find out more about audit and assurance, please speak with Richard Daly.


Our experienced team provides a comprehensive bookkeeping service that helps companies meet their compliance requirements and harness insightful information about their business. Our bookkeeping service records and reconciles accounts while maintaining creditors and debtors, upholding the general ledger and fixed asset register, completing PAYE/VAT/CT control account reconciliations and providing a departmental analysis of financial information. We also deliver regular management reports, profit and loss statements, balance sheet and other financial reporting that informs decision making, supports growth and optimises profits.


Company payroll is governed by strict requirements under Irish Revenue and operates in real-time. This places the burden on companies to report payroll accurately and within strict timeframes. MSD Accountants provides cost-effective and efficient payroll services that frees HR and financial teams from time-consuming payroll administration while ensuring our clients’ payroll meets Ireland’s robust rules and regulations. As an outsourced payroll department, our clients can have confidence in our knowledge, sector experience and software platforms for a quality and reliable payroll service.